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Everybody needs to take time out of the rat race now and again to recharge the batteries on a foreign shore. A perfect holiday allows us to get away from it all, and return refreshed and ready for more.


But arranging your getaway can be an additional stress. Where will you be staying, how will you be getting there, are you getting the best deal – These are important questions. We are here to help you answer those questions, helping you find the very best in accommodation, and even giving you the option to book a different flightto get you there.


If you have any questions about Quality Hotels, get in touch with us and we will endeavour to answer them.


A Hotel Booking Systems that is simple and the availability is check in real time?

"If you are thinking about online booking systems wecan recommend euthotels. Our web bookings was simple and straight forward with confirmation of our room in minutes!" and comes with a good level of support." Simon Mills, Lowton Hotel"


EUR Hotels: We'll find you the best prices

Quality Hotels, unbeatable services

The Quality Hotels team are here to help you source the best accommodation for your holiday.

With EUR Hotels we provide an easily navigable, user friendly website. Comprising intelligent search tools & online booking capability we are able to offer this virtual 360 environment so that Restaurants, Hotels, Bars, Nightclubs & Health Spas are simply a click away.

Whether you are looking for a Countryside Hotel or want an intimate meal for two at a top Italian restaurant, EUR Hotels has the answer. We have the technology to organize your evening down to the finest detail.

Recently partnered with Wales Tourists Online to provide you the best hotel deals in Wales just for you. Take a look at the provided range and you will be amazed as to how many different options in staying in Wales there are.

With our online virtual tour facility, you can experience quality hotels without needing to move from your chair. Whether you are looking for top-range inner city accommodation with fantastic facilities, or budget hotels that need to suit your requirements, the 360 degree virtual tour allows you to view these places without needing to consider booking.

All of our hotels have the highest level of hygiene, health and safety. For the comfort and safety of our guests, for our staff, and to protect our premises, we employ the services of national pest control company Pestforce as they have all of the equipment, knowledge and expertise to handle any pest problem, from rodents to bed bugs, pigeons to ants, to make sure that every part of the hotel, from the kitchens to the bedrooms and from the air conditioning to the water, is pest free, safe and healthy.

Renewed and Refurbished Facilities kitchen

Many of our most popular hotels are improving their facilities in order to make your stay more enjoyable. The unbeatable services that many of our hotels provide will often include outstanding cuisine and customer service.

As the demand for higher quality food grows with our customers' needs, the kitchen in which your meals are being prepared in are also growing with quality.

All of our largest providers of accommodation have previously undergone a kitchen refurbishment or are planning one for the near future. The newly designed kitchen will meet more of the chefs requirements so that they can offer you a better fine dining experience within your hotel.

Supporting the Blues

OPL Ltd  are specialist laundry equipment for hospital and nursing home laundries. A recent client is Chelsea Football Club. With a rounded service that even includes your chemicals for laundries and kitchens is the name in industrial laundry equipment in the UK. For in-depth laundry expertise you would be advise

Several key factors

There are several key factors that are important to guests when they are staying at a hotel, and one of the most important is the quality of the bathroom. Guests want a light, spacious, comfortable bathroom that is clean and with modern fixtures and fittings, where they can have a long, relaxing soak in a hot bath after a long day of travelling or working, or a refreshing, hot shower.

We use the online bathroom supplier as they have a huge range of bathroom suites, baths, showers, fixtures, fittings, in all different styles so that we can make each of our rooms different to have their own seperate character, but to ensure all of our guests have the luxury bathroom that they want and deserve.  

Equally, if you want an Italian Restaurant for a party of 10 or a formal meal for a party of four at a fine dining establishment, our virtual tour allows you to make an informed decision for where will suit you requirements best.

When you are staying in a hotel or eating in a hotel's restaurant, you need to have confidence that the hotel is hygienic and clean, that the highest standards have been adhered to, that the air you are brerathing and the food you are eating is all of the highest possible quality. That is why all of our hotels have used Cartel, a specialist London based ventilation, duct, water tank and kitchen deep cleaning company. They have used the highest standards of hygiene & safety measures for your hotel so that you can relax knowing that everything is of the highest possible standard in the kitchen and in the pipes.

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